Peter Walker, Founder and CEO

Peter has a unique understanding of the cinema, having run the award winning Camden Parkway Cinema in Camden Town for many years.

To say Peter is a film buff is something of an understatement. Peter’s passion for cinema found expression in 1983 when he refurbished and ran the award winning Camden Parkway Cinema in Camden Town. This neglected cinema required complete renovation. Peter’s vision for the project created quite a stir, as he increased the auditorium from 425 to 1,000 seats.

Peter then added a 100-seat cinema on the upper floor, which proved to the most successful 100-seat movie theatre in the history of British cinema.

As an independent operator, Peter had to fight the Rank organisation to get a lease on the abandoned cinema. This beautiful old cinema had fallen into disrepair and Peter set about restoring it to its former glory. It was a labour of love, a response to the spread of soulless multiplex cinemas and an act of defiance in an increasingly homogenised industry. The lovingly restored Art Deco…

L to R: Radoslav, Graham, Peter, Karen and Scott

Graham Goodbun, Technical Director

Graham brings a wealth of design and technical expertise from over 35 years experience of the audio-visual industry. He has an impressive pedigree! His career began at Rolls Royce, where he worked as an engineer, before moving on to Head of Technical Support at the BBC, a position he held for 25 years. He moved into the CI channel as Technical and Service Manager of Fujitsu Plasmavision for five years before joining Genesis Technologies as Technical Manager. Having worked closely with Peter on his Art Deco cinema, Graham recognized a kindred spirit and a great opportunity. Graham joined Peter in CHC as Technical Director, where he uses his vast experience to help with cinema design, specification, setup, calibration and after sales support. Home cinema is a fast growing sector…


Radoslav Andreev, Operations & Events Manager

Rado started work in the retail sector when he was 16 years old. His hard work and positive attitude soon won him early promotion. At the age of 18 he was managing his own shop, and went on to manager several successful retail outlets.

Rado joined us to develop his management skills by training within our parent Company. Once again he was noticed for his hard work, integrity, honesty and commitment. Rado enjoys a challenge and has an aptitude for solving technical problems. He has become a valuable asset to the company and has launched himself into the role of Operations and Events Manager.

Radoslav’s love of films, which started in childhood, has dramatically grown now that he is able to view them in one of Europe’s finest Home Theatres.