4K Ultra HD

Our glamorous Art Deco cinema boasts the very best available technology. Behind the art and craft of beautiful theatre design, lies the most advanced 4K Ultra HD kit to be found anywhere in the UK.

4K Ultra HD is a very noticeable upgrade to previous HD systems. Because there are 8.8 million pixels to view, you get a wider colour gamut, higher resolution and greater bit depth. This means that whites are whiter, blacks are blacker and you get a significantly more dynamic colour range. The result is a viewing experience more akin to looking through a window than looking at a screen.

To ensure a superior viewing experience, we have selected the most sophisticated equipment, from the world’s leading brands:

• 4K Ultra HD Laser Projector from Digital Projection
• 4K Ultra HD acoustically transparent screen, from Stewart Filmscreen
• 4K Ultra HD server from Kaleidescape
• 4K Ultra HD players from Samsung and Panasonic
• 4K Ultra HD video processor from Lumagen

A visit to our showroom will open your eyes to the best possible viewing experience.